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Bespoke Training

Bespoke Training

Develop your knowledge and understanding with our tailor made training courses.  We offer bespoke training courses to groups or individuals and cover the UK and Northern Ireland. 

Our environmental, health and safety, waste management and anaerobic digestion training courses can be delivered on your site or remotely. Our training courses can be tailored to your requirements, especially if there are a number of areas you require us to cover throughout any training session. 

The opportunity to participate in our E-Learning courses may also be built into any bespoke package. 

Below are some of the more popular training courses that our clients have requested as part of their bespoke training packages:

- Environmental Awareness 

- Environmental Protection and the Law 

- Waste Legislation 

- CIWM/ WAMITAB Continued Competence Refresher 

- Emergency Preparedness and Response Training for Operatives 

- Waste Awareness and Reduction 

- Waste Management - Duty of Care 

- National Operator - EA Waste Returns 

- How to Complete a Hazardous Waste Transfer Note 

- How to compete a Waste Transfer Note 

- Waste Carriers Licensing - Know your responsibilities 

- Health and Safety in the Waste Industry Workplace 

- Health and Safety within the Aggregate Recycling Industry 


For more information or to discuss your particular requirements, please call us on 07342 209223. 

Continued Competence

Continued Competence

The CIWM/WAMITAB continuing competence scheme requires technically competent people in England and Wales to pass an assessment that demonstrates individuals have kept their competence up to date. The continuing competence assessments take place at your nearest test centre and you can book your assessment direct through the WAMITAB webpage at


WAMITAB Qualifications

WAMITAB Qualifications

CIWM/WAMITAB Competence Scheme Qualifications, RQF Qualifications, Waste and Resource Management Qualifications, Level’s 1, 2, 3 & 4. Delivered throughout the UK.

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Waste Management Legislation Course

The basic waste management legislation course is suitable for newcomers to the waste industry, individuals required to update themselves...

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WAMITAB Assessment Process

Waste Training & Consultancy Ltd.’s approach to delivering CIWM (WAMITAB) Qualifications and carrying out the assessment process is driven by...

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CIWM/WAMITAB Training & Assessment

Waste Training and Consultancy Ltd operate an approved CIWM WAMITAB Assessment Centre, based in Yorkshire, UK.  We provide a range of level...

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COTC & TCM Cover

Temporary Technical Competent Manager (TCM) or CoTC Operator Cover. What is TCM or CoTC cover and why do I need it? A typical...

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EMS / Site Working Plans

What is an EMS / Site Working Plan and why should my waste or recycling facility have one? An EMS or as it is sometimes referred to...

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Continuing Competence

The CIWM/WAMITAB continuing competence scheme is designed to ensure that the technically competent person (holds a certificate of...

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Waste Management is a highly regulated and complex industry. We are focussed in our responsibility to guide our clients through the maze...

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WTC Ltd are committed to developing long term industry specific relationships with our clients. To this end, every effort is made to embrace new compliance guidance and policy, helping to keep ourselves and our clients, absolutely relevant in a changing World. Here are a few comments from our clients to evidence our professionalism.

The WAMITAB workbook was really easy to use and I found the whole assessment process to be straight forward and friendly.


I am mid way through completing my 4th WAMITAB Qualification with Lynda Warburton. From the start and still now, Lynda has proved extremely helpful and provided me with the support and encouragement I required in order for me to maintain my progression and ultimately finish the qualifications.  I really liked the way that WTC Ltd have developed their workbooks as it made it easy for me to document my knowledge and provide evidence of this. Thank you to WTC Ltd for making my learning journey...


Due to a change in circumstance, it was required for me to complete my WAMITAB COTC as quick as possible. Lynda was amazing and helped me every step of the way – answering e-mails late at night and on a weekend to help me get units boxed off as quickly as I could and providing me with support when I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere. The end result was me finishing my qualification in just 5 months.

L. Hatfield

I would highly recommend Lynda if you are thinking of completing a WAMITAB qualification – she is friendly, down to earth, approachable but most important of all she knows what she is talking about as she has worked in the industry herself!

L. Hatfield

Latest News

Keeping abreast of change, new developments and news in Waste Management can be daunting and extremely time consuming, which is why the team at WTC Ltd have decided to include a news section our new website. The posts in our Latest News section will hopefully help to keep our clients updated with interesting change, innovations and concerns within the Waste Management arena. If you read anything here that you would like to discuss with regards to your business, then we will welcome your call.
Waste Training & Consultancy Ltd provides training, assessment, support and guidance to individuals or employers interested in WAMITAB Operator Competence Certificates across England and Northern Ireland. We can work with businesses to deliver a range of UK Waste related courses and the CIWM/WAMITAB statutory and non-statutory waste qualifications from treatment and transfer through to high-, medium- and low-risk operator competency certificates.

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06 Jul
Another fabulous day here in Northern Ireland. More WAMITAB learners have completed ahead of schedule.. ready for the operator competence changes brought about by The Waste Management Licensing (Amendment) NI Regulations 2003. Congratulations and a massive well done to all of the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon District Council learners.. You have all excelled yourselves to have the qualifications complete in time. Well...

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25 Apr
Are you aware that any business that produces, handles or disposes of controlled waste has a statutory obligation to ensure it is managed correctly under the Duty of Care Code of Practice. ‘Controlled waste’ is effectively all waste that arises from business premises. This includes waste that is collected for recycling as well as waste that is disposed of to landfill or incineration.

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