Alot of people out there may think we are just another UK waste management training centre.. Those people are not wrong... apart from one significant detail... 

At the realm of the centre is Lynda Warburton (nee 'Owen'). She is no ordinary centre director. Lynda has worked hard to get to where she is today.. 

Lynda has not come into the Waste Training Industry through the back door of a classroom or educational facility.. she has grafted like the rest of you to climb the ladder and come out fighting for her place as a muilti skilled Waste Manager and Operations Specialist in areas including Waste Landfill, Treatment, Transfer and Anaerobic Digestion. 

Lynda's career began at the tender age of just 13 when she became involved with a family business eager to learn the day to day operation of a skip hire company and liquid waste transfer operation. After school and during the holidays she preferred to spend her time getting busy in the office with her dad learning how the business worked. At 15 Lynda left school not really wanting to go with the trend of her friends whom were all desperate to become beauticians and hairdressers (not that there is anything wrong with hairdressers, Lynda loves having her hair done!) But instead decided to seek work immediately in the waste game.

Every morning Lynda would get up at the crack of dawn to catch the first skip wagon heading out to the Landfill to start her daily grind as weighbridge clerk. The Landfill being Knapton Landfill site was 20 miles west of where she lived. The days were long and the job was extremely busy but over the 6 years Lynda spent there she could not see herself settling down in any other career. Waste Management became her life.

Over the years Lynda learnt all of the ins and outs of managing a Landfill site, chalk stone quarry and skip hire. She attended Bishop Burton College during this time to persue a HNC in Waste Management and she also obtained her first WAMITAB qualification in Managing Landfill for Hazardous (special) Waste. 

Then in 2001 disaster struck when it was decided that the Landfill would be sold.. Lynda was out of a job and out of the waste game (temporarily). Lynda had all the right experience but unfortunately didn't have the qualifications to progress her career.. She could not stand for this as it was all she knew. During that final year at Knapton she made some mighty decisions and by September 2001 Lynda was enrolled on the Bsc Hons Environmental Analytical Chemistry Degree at The University of Huddersfield. 

Going to university as a mature student aged 22 was not ideal but with hard work and shear determination she graduated in 2004 with the qualifications required to get her through the door into the career that she longed for. 

Within 1 day of finishing university Lynda had landed a job interview with a large Yorkshire Waste Management Company; for the role of Business Unit Manager... She was offered the job and started a week later. 

Lynda stayed with the company for 4 years adding to her experience and gained another 2 WAMITAB Qualifications in Hazardous Waste Treatment and Transfer. She really enjoyed her role and ended up managing 3 Landfill sites, 5 HWRC facilities, a MRF and 2 composting facilities. After 4 years the time came to move on after realising that she really enjoyed learning and wanted to share what she had learnt with other operators. Lynda realised that what she really wanted to do was to become a WAMITAB Assessor and Waste Management Trainer. 

It was not easy to become a WAMITAB Assessor.. In fact it took over a year to finally get a foot in the door as she began work with an Assessment Centre based in Scotland in 2008. However within a few weeks, Lynda began to build her client / learner data base and managed to set up an England division for the centre based in Yorkshire. 

After an antaginising decision to leave the centre Lynda had worked so hard for, she set up and developed her own Assessment Centre. Lynda is forever grateful for the opportunities and the organisation's she worked for in the past who all helped her to get where she is today. 

Lynda used her experiences and operational background to build a solid system for delivering structured and cost effective WAMITAB Qualifications to companies and individuals needing to learn and be assessed for their Operator Competence Certificates and CoTC's. 

Today Lynda is the Managing Director for Waste Training and Consultancy Limited. She lives in Scarborough, North Yorkshire with her three year old son and enjoys the challenges that both work life and motherhood throw at her. In Lynda's spare time (which is hardly ever) she like to walk around the fells of the lake district with her trusty 4 legged friend - Bailey the labradoodle and office mascot.. 

Lynda strives to be the best at what she does and values her strengths in her repeated client and qualification requests.  This year see' s the continuous improvement and growth for the center as the center branches out into Northern Ireland, add additional consultancy and management cover services to the list of deliverable services and have employed additional assessors/consultants to join the team whom have all come from an operational background. 

The team at Waste Training and Consultancy Limited are proud and also a little bit in awe of our Managing Director. We think she is a little bit awesome! 

If you are looking for a top quality service for the delivery of your WAMITAB Qualifications, related Waste Management Training or Consultancy needs. Then look no further. Call Lynda on 01723 861633 or visit for more information on how we can help you.