Transwaste offer solutions for all waste and recycling requirements. They are currently the largest waste recycling company in East Yorkshire. Transwaste are 100% committed to recycling and their aim is to recycle a minimum of 95% of all waste we receive.

Transwaste have 15 years of experience in waste management, servicing over 5,000 companies throughout Hull and East Riding in that time.

In 2002 Transwaste Recycling and Aggregates Ltd started trading from Hessle Dock, Livingston Road which is just to the west of Hull near the Humber Bridge. In May 2003, the company was granted a licence by the Environment Agency to start separating, treating, recycling and storing waste.

In February 2008, the company moved to its present home on Gibson Lane at Melton. The site was a purpose-built waste transfer station and over 500,000 tonnes of waste is now handled through the facility, with only approximately 5% being landfilled. A second depot at Foster Street in Hull quickly followed as the company needed somewhere for its regular Hull based customers to use. Many waste streams are sorted and recycled at Melton including bricks, concrete, green waste, wood, plasterboard, plastic, cardboard and metal. Any residue is turned into either a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) for heating cement kilns or a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for use in producing electricity in waste to energy plants.

Transwaste has 3 directors; backed up by an excellent management team in accounts, sales and marketing, health and safety, production, maintenance and transport.

The company has an impressive customer portfolio ranging from Local Authorities, Government Organisations, local businesses in various trades and industries; as well as the public.

WAMITAB Qualifications

Principally, staff involved with the operational management of the facility engaged in the WAMITAB Operator Competence Qualifications. The high-quality training and assessment provided by Waste Training & Consultancy Limited has resulted in certification for the managers within the operational team for the Level 4 Operator Competence Certificate for Managing Hazardous Waste Treatment and Transfer.

Having now obtained these qualifications the managers have not only achieved an advanced qualification but have also reached a sophisticated new set of skills which they have adopted and implemented throughout their everyday management practices giving them the ability to promote a work-pride philosophy within the organisation.

Waste Training & Consultancy Ltd were approached by Transwaste to deliver a bespoke training package centred on the learners achieving their Level 4 Operator Competence Certificates whilst maintaining the quality of the organisations and WTC ltd.’s work and completing the awards in a practical time frame. The resulting course WTC developed took advantage of the assessors many years of operational experience in the waste management industry.

The qualifications took one year to achieve; it included the mentoring and assessment through 14 modules for each learner, it educated each learner to manage all of their operations including waste reception and handling, health and safety, environmental impact, how to identify improvements and implement change, how to control maintenance activities, managing procedural compliance, managing and responding to emergency situations, managing transport operations, managing physical resources and managing the transfer and treatment of waste outputs.

WTC Ltd will carry on working and supporting the Transwaste learners to provide future training and refresher courses to ensure the learners are equipped to undertake their continued competence tests through WAMITAB.